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June 22, 2019
Tried & Tested : Saya cuba rawatan Estetik V-Shape di EE Clinic
June 24, 2019
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Female Tries : Silkpeel Dermalinfusion Treatment at the EE Clinic

What It Is:

A simultaneous exfoliation and serum-infused treatment that trigger’s skin’s natural wound-healing phase.

How It Works:

It eliminates the time gaps that would otherwise happen between the time your skin is exfoliated and when serum is applied on, which is when the skin is most penetrable. This way, your skin will get the maximum penetration of active ingredients and enhanced serum absorption. There are four serums with different functions: Ultra Hydrating, Vitamin C, Skin Brightening and Pore Clarifying.


“After a deep-cleanse was done on my skin, a clarifying mask was used to further decongest my pores. Next, a device was used to gently exfoliate my skin while simultaneously depositing serum in it. Depending on how you see it, I thought that is was kind of cool that you could see how dirty your skin was as there was a suction that collected all your dead skin that was exfoliated. Once that was done, a nourishing mask was applied on to further hydrate my skin. It was fast and fuss-free, I’d definitely consider doing it again as you need more than one treatment to see major changes to your skin.”
– Sarah, Fashion & Beauty Editor